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Coming April 22 – 24, 2020

Advanced Search Summit returns for its 5th year in Napa Valley! Each year this exclusive search event sells out and 2020 will be no exception. Take advantage of Super Crazy Early Bird pricing and lock in your spot to this coveted event. There will be plenty of additions to the show, including our own proprietary wine created specifically for the event, as well as Falcons @ our optional Saturday wine event. Yep, Falcons…

Who Should Attend?


If you love chasing algorithms and hunting down data, this is the conference for you! Advanced Search Summit focuses in on the problems SEO’s face daily. Our speakers are thought leaders in your industry and are ready to share their experiences and failures so you can learn at an accelerated pace. Nowhere else will you find this type of opportunity!


You live in a complex world, optimizing CPC’s, ad copy, and winning execs over with impressive results! Advanced Search Summit caters to your skills by offering access to extremely talented speakers who have persevered through the same obstacles you are facing. Become part of the Advanced Search Summit community and get the connections and feedback you’ve been looking for. There’s never been a better opportunity to connect with a crowd like this!

Digital Marketers

You are the digital hub between development and marketing, the proverbial conduit that ensures that both teams find success in today’s online world. You are both gate keeper and rainmaker for both sides of the house. Ensure that your education continues past the walls of your own organization! Make no mistake, Advanced Search Summit was created with YOU in mind! Your attendance all but guarantees that you will network with other individuals that have already faced the challenges that you are facing right now and overcame them. Advanced Search Summit is more than just a conference, it’s about you becoming the best Digital Marketing Professional you can possibly be!


You are the data junkie; you squeeze every drop of data into your spreadsheets to create masterpieces. You love spending tireless hours perfecting a craft that you have a knack for. Data geeks rejoice! Advanced Search Summit focuses on your skillset as well. We make sure that every conference has a technical focus. Our technical speakers deep dive into data and statistics that pull in big data and turn it into invaluable action items for your teams. Get inspired with current trends, hard to pull data, and analytical insights. This conference will unlock so much potential for you!

Marketing Executives

Your brand’s success depends so much on turning data into actionable insights, building personalized experiences that elevate your bottom line. All the weight falls on your shoulders; the decisions lie in your capable hands. Advanced Search Summit ensures that you are making the most of your digital team. Our goal is to unveil hidden opportunities and inspire you to become a strategic digital champion within your company.

Social Marketers

The front line of the company, the digital pathway that directly connects with the customer. You deal with the good, the bad, and sometimes… the ugly. You’re tracking sentiment, resolving customer complaints, and tending to the digital family. Advanced Search Summit is a great conference for you to understand how the SEO & Social worlds are colliding. It wasn’t so long ago that these departments were separate… And now, they are virtually inseparable! Learn how to take advantage of your tagging, score big tips on how your department can help the digital team. You need to come to Advanced Search Summit!

Digital Agencies

Agency life isn’t easy! You’ve got a litany of clients expecting that you are on the bleeding edge of digital marketing. You need to be agile, nimble, and a jack of all trades. Rest easy, help is on the way! Advanced Search Summit gathers the top talents from a ton of different disciplines. Our focus is to pull the best minds that the industry has to offer and ingrain that core knowledge to you and your team. Ensure that your team grows and gets educated by the best in the industry, come to Advanced Search Summit and experience the way conferences should be.

Large Brands

Your products line the shelves of virtually every country. You have hundreds if not thousands of stores across the globe. You are one of the biggest .com’s out there. At the end of the day you are a brand, and brands of any size are susceptible to damage, failure and disrepair. It’s up to you, the digital champion to make sure that your brand’s spot is protected in today’s shifting online world. Advanced Search Summit was co-founded by Jim Christian, someone who understands large brands and how they function. Advanced Search Summit focuses on large brands and ecommerce sites. You will learn so much from attending the event and bring back a wealth of information for your organization to consume. Advanced Search Summit is the event you’ve been waiting for!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included with my ticket?

Your ticket includes: 2-days of Advanced Search Summit, lunch both days of the conference, breakfast on Friday, entrance into the opening day reception, dinner at our Capstone Event, and transportation between the host Hotel & Capstone Event. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we cannot pick-up/drop-off at any locations other than the hosr Hotelt

Where should I stay?

We will be announcing our host Hotel soon. We will be offering a discount code for staying at the host Hotel.

Are there ID requirements to enter the event?

Yes. You must be able to present (an over 21) valid ID to consume alcohol at all locations.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

The host Hotel will provide on premise parking for an additional cost. Other transportation is available, but please leave extra time if using these alternatives serivces, they don’t have many drivers available in the area.

What should I wear to the event?

Please dress comfortably! We recommend business casual with an extra layer just in case you get cold.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact us directly at

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes. Please feel free to transfer the ticket to an appropriate person in your organization. This would be your CMO, Director of SEO, or SEO Leader.

Disclaimer: Please note that we expect everyone to enjoy Advanced Search Summit responsibly. Advanced Search Summit is about education, networking, and innovation in the field of SEO. We expect everyone to have fun and stay professional. If anyone is beyond control they will be escorted out of the event.